QTOYS AUSTRALIA is an Australian-owned company that manufactures eco-friendly wooden toys and educational resources. These resources are specifically designed for toddlers, pre-school aged and primary school children.



To successfully carry out our mission, we endeavor to build a strong business organization by adhering to three core values in our design, our processes, and our dealings with all customers and stakeholders:

1. Efficiency: use minimal resources to achieve maximum outcome for human consumption

2. Integrity: embody our mission, our vision, and our values in all of our dealings with customers and stakeholders.

3. Transparency: be transparent in all of our processes unless when it is necessary to protect our strength and advantages in competition.


Promoting an Eco-mindful way of life to fight climate change through designing, manufacturing & marketing wooden products that cater to all aspects of life.


Timber can keep carbon dioxide in its tissues until it is decomposed. Therefore, promoting timber products, planting more trees is a pragmatic way to tackle climate change. We believe Timber is Mother Nature's technology to fight climate change. Manufacturing quality, long lasting products contributes to waste minimization, which also reduces our ecological footprints.